Where It All Started…

Triangle’s Trusted Roofing Company was launched in 2018 by owner and CEO Ryan Reinalda, who has been in the residential roofing industry for 20 years. Ryan had previously owned and operated a very successful and multiple award-winning company for 13 years in Rochester, Minnesota (Above All Roofing of Rochester, Inc.). In order to put his family ahead of his career and move to a warmer climate, he sold that roofing company to one of his key employees at the end of 2015. The Team at Above All Roofing of Rochester, Inc. is thriving and continue to enjoy the respect and trust of their community.

Three years after moving his family to Raleigh, after dozens of RV trips with the family, construction projects at church, and lunches with friends, Ryan decided it was time to launch another roofing company. His passion for what he had done since he was 18 years old could not be held back any longer. The Raleigh area, with its much kinder and gentler climate (not to mention the nearby mountains and ocean!), is now the Reinaldas’ permanent home.

We are extremely passionate about what we do. We simply love roofing! The passion and determination that drove our owner to work on a roof replacement crew from age 18 to well into his 30’s is the same passion and determination that drives us today. But what does it drive us towards? It drives us towards excellence in all that we do. What exactly does that look like?

What Can You Expect from Triangle’s Trusted Roofing Company?

Raleigh roofer job complete on this beautiful new roof.

We Hire the Best Roofers in Raleigh.

For one, we hire only the best roofers in the Raleigh-Durham area who uphold the high standards that are set by our owner. We empower our roofing installation professionals to do the job CORRECTLY EVERY TIME. When it comes to your roof, even if excellent materials are used, how the materials are installed is just as critical to the longevity and quality of the finished product.

Excellence in Communication

Secondly, we strive for excellence in our communication with our customers. You deserve to be treated with respect; prompt responsiveness is a part of the respect equation. We are busy helping other customers at times, but we hold ourselves to the highest standards in responding quickly and professionally to our customers and potential customers. If you email us, text us, contact us via our website contact form or call us, however it is that you communicate with us, we promise to respond in a professional and prompt manner. Because you deserve it.

We Are Focused on Integrity.

Finally, it drives us to do everything with integrity. Our owner does not wake up in the morning thinking about how he can make more money. He wakes up in the morning thinking about how he can best lead Triangle’s Trusted Roofing Company to do what is best for our customers. He knows that profits will come naturally through taking good care of people and treating them with respect.

Workmanship matters.

We do not look to pay our people less; we look to pay them more. We treat our on-the-job roofers with the respect that they deserve as they are the backbone of our Team. At Triangle’s Trusted Roofing Company, we understand that our owner/CEO, our administrative team and our sales team are not more important or valuable than the people who daily execute the roofing work to the high standards that we set for them and promise to you.

This means that we do not look for ways to take advantage of our customers, to mistreat our employees and roofers, to disparage our competition or cheat our vendors. We are honest. We do not play games with our contracts or our pricing. We keep things as simple as possible so that we can be as transparent as possible.

We should note that these positive traits that we have been describing are not found to be true of every roofing company serving Raleigh. While we will never speak poorly of a specific competitor, and our customers no doubt have MANY reputable, local roofing companies to choose from here in the Raleigh area, we will always do our part to educate our clients about the dangers of hiring the wrong roofing company and some of the things to look for in a reputable roofing company. You can look for further information about what red flags to look for when investigating roofing companies on our roofing blog. Also, you can read about some of the things that we do that set us apart from our competition over on our Why Choose Us page.

At Triangle’s Trusted Roofing Company, we know that your trust is earned. It is not free. Your home is a valuable investment, a cherished place that is filled with your loved ones and countless possessions that need to be protected. And that’s exactly what your roof does – it protects your home and everything inside it. For this reason, it is paramount that you completely trust the professional that you hire for your roofing project. Our goal is to do everything in our power to earn and keep your trust from one generation of your family to the next and beyond.

Ryan Reinalda, Owner and CEO

Ryan lives in Cary and has 3 kids; Braden, Marcus and Emily. Away from work, he enjoys road trips, all things sports but especially football, coaching his kids’ sports teams, duck hunting with friends and volunteering at his church and other local ministries. His children attend Cary Christian School and the family attends Lifepointe Church. All credit for any success he experiences in business or in any other area of his life belongs to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He would be honored to speak with you about the Hope he has found in God through His Son, Jesus.

Roof Repair that You Can Trust

Simply put, we are not driven by profits but by your total satisfaction. One roof at a time, the Triangle’s trust is earned. We love what we do and are excited to see how we might be able to serve you!