The best Raleigh area roofing uses Owens Corning or CertainTeed quality products. Our team of roofers is top-notch, so we offer a Lifetime Roof Warranty on workmanship.


We guarantee our workmanship 100%. For the LIFE OF YOUR ROOF SYSTEM, if you have a leak caused by a workmanship defect, we will fix the leak and repair any damage at NO COST to you.

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Roof Replacement and Roof Repair in Raleigh NC

Roof Repair & Replacement:

The New Standard

When it comes to your roof replacement or roof repair, it is difficult to imagine anything more important than the materials that are used and how they are installed. For this reason, we have put a lot of time and energy into choosing the highest quality material options for our customers.

For 20 years, we have researched all the top roofing manufacturers in North America. We have found that CertainTeed (CT) and Owens Corning (OC) consistently rise to the top when it comes to initial quality, warranties, beauty and long-term reliability. They seem to put more of an emphasis on their products and warranties and less emphasis on marketing. Their superior quality products sell themselves based on their steady performance over many decades. In addition, the warranties offered by both CT and OC are very impressive. In many cases, we are able to offer our customers Lifetime (50-year) warranties on their full roof replacements! Due to our relationships with these outstanding companies, these warranties are often not pro- rated, protecting our customers completely in the unlikely event of a claim.

For these reasons, we have chosen to partner with both CT and OC in offering you the best in roofing materials and their accompanying warranties.

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Triangle's Trusted Roofing is a CertainTeed Credentialed roofing company.

CertainTeed Landmark

We choose Landmark roof shingles due to their high-quality nature. They are incredibly reliable for our Raleigh area homeowners, but they also look great. It is not a homeowner’s first inclination to think about how a new roof will look, but it is for our team at Triangle’s Trusted Roofing Company. The CertainTeed Landmark shingles include the widest array of color options to offer a custom look for any home.

These roof shingles’ dual-layered design mimics traditional wood shake while providing a heavy weight for longevity. Landmark’s asphalt shingles are incredibly reliable due to their weight and the way they have been engineered.

Triangle's Trusted Roofing is an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor.

Owens Corning Duration

TruDefinition Duration shingles are one of our favorite products for homeowners who are looking for a great new roof, but also want a dramatic look. The multiple granule colors and shadowing of the TruDefinition Duration Shingles offer an incredibly unique look. They feature an extra layer consisting of a fabric strip in the nailing area called Sure-Nail that provides exceptional wind resistance.

These are also incredibly durable and great for homes that could need to withstand a variety of weather scenarios. The lifetime roof warranty includes a 130-MPH wind resistance warranty as well as an algae resistance warranty.

The best Triangle roofing company doesn't cut corners or pressure homeowners. Integrity and attention to detail make great roofers!

There is so much more to a complete roof system than just the shingles. It all starts with having a solid roof deck. From there, there is metal drip edge, underlayment and ice and water barriers, starter shingles, off-ridge exhaust vents and soil stacks, ridge vents and ridge cap shingles, skylights and flashing. Every component is critical to the performance of your roof system.

Roofing Components & Definitions

  • Roof Deck

    The structural base for the roof, usually made of wood or plywood.

  • Underlayment

    A layer of protective material between the deck and the shingles, the final defense between your home and the elements.

  • Metal Drip Edge

    A narrow strip of non-corrosive metal used at the rake and eaves to facilitate water runoff.

  • Ice & Water Barrier

    Adhesive waterproofing membrane used along eaves, vents, chimneys, skylights and valleys to protect these sensitive areas against ice damage and wind-driven rain, preventing rot, mold and water damage.

  • Starter Shingle

    A starter shingle is an asphalt-based shingle utilized to waterproof the eave and rake edges of your home during a re-roof. They help prevent shingle blow off by adhering the field course and the starter course together with a strong adhesive.

  • Off-Ridge Exhaust Vent

    Exhaust vents usually located on the upper half of the roof that allow warm, humid air to escape from the attic or an exhaust duct.

  • Soil Stack Flashing

    The flashing that surrounds the vertical piping that carries off the vapors of a plumbing system.

  • Ridge Vent

    An exhaust vent that runs horizontally along the peak of the roof allowing warm, humid air to escape from the attic.

  • Ridge Cap Shingles

    Installed at the hips and ridges of your roof, ridge cap shingles offering critical protection at the highest-stress areas of your roof.

  • Skylight

    A window installed in a roof or ceiling.

  • Flashing

    Waterproofing construction used at intersections of different planes or at openings in a roof.

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Roof Repair that You Can Trust

Simply put, we are not driven by profits but by your total satisfaction. One roof at a time, the Triangle’s trust is earned. We love what we do and are excited to see how we might be able to serve you!