Lifetime Roof Warranty

We guarantee our workmanship 100%

For the LIFE OF YOUR ROOF SYSTEM, if you have a leak caused by a workmanship defect, we will fix the leak and repair any damage at NO COST to you.

1. Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. Triangle’s Trusted Roofing is dedicated to serving its customers to the highest industry standards and it proudly stands behind the services it provides to its customers. As such, Triangle’s Trusted Roofing provides a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty certifying that the services performed shall be free from defects that result in a roof leak, if such roof has been properly maintained by the Customer. Triangle’s Trusted Roofing further warrants that all materials furnished by Contractor shall be new, and all such materials and all workmanship of Contractor in performance of the Work shall be of good quality and shall meet the acceptable standards in the roofing industry in the area in which the Property is located. Any defects in the workmanship that result in a roof leak will be repaired or replaced, at the discretion of Contractor, at no cost to Customer. Contractor also agrees to fix any interior damage caused by defects in workmanship, if Contractor receives notice within thirty (30) days of the leak starting. This Lifetime Workmanship Warranty is limited to and only covers leaks in the roof. This warranty does not apply to patch or repair services or damages that have occurred due to Customer’s failure to properly maintain the roof. This warranty is only given when Triangle’s Trusting Roofing has provided complete roof replacement services. Damage to the roof from other persons or from weather events including, but not limited to, hail, ice, snow, wind, lightning and other “acts of God,” as well as damage caused by trees or branches, are not included in the warranty. This warranty is separate and apart from any warranty that may be issued to Customer by the manufacturer of roofing materials.

2. Notification by Customer. During the term of this warranty, if the roof leaks, Customer must immediately notify Contractor of such leaks by contacting us through this form.

3. Events Which May Void Warranty. This warranty shall become null and void:

  • a.    Unless Contractor receives notice from Customer within thirty (30) days of the leak starting; in accordance with Paragraph 4; and is provided an opportunity to inspect;

  • b.    If work is done on such roof, including, but without limitation, work in connection with flues, vents, drains, sign braces, railings, platforms or other equipment fastened to or set on the roof or if repairs or alterations are made to said roof; or

  • c.    If any individual attempts to diagnose or repair the leak prior to Contractor’s inspection.

4. Transferability of Warranty. This warranty shall accrue only to the benefit of the original owner named above and a single transferee owner for a period of one (1) year. This warranty is null and void if exercised by a second owner more than one year from the date of transfer. In any event, this warranty shall not accrue to the benefit of any person or entity other than Customer and the first transferee as set forth herein.

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